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"I highly recommend the Amber Book video series. The production quality of Michael Ermann’s video series is fantastic. Not to mention, it was super easy-to-follow, memorable, and well-paced. He often uses relatable analogies to simplify the content and his lecture style feels more like a highly informative dialogue. It’s the best ARE study replacement out there. I would even consider the Amber series to be relevant subject matter for practicing professionals who are looking to fine-tune their craft."

Amy Melin

"I credit my entire pass to Michael's class. I really felt he helped me UNDERSTAND the concepts rather than memorize them. Which was his goal as I recall. Funny, when I was taking the exam, I was thinking “I must have gotten an easy one, this is not that bad!"


"Before I took the class, I had found it very difficult to prioritize the study material. I felt overwhelmed by all the charts and the wide range of subjects. The large number of graphs obscured any understanding I could have of the concepts. It was intimidating. The best part about the material as Michael covered it was that it suddenly became accessible, the fundamentals were clear and the way concepts were represented in the charts, graphs and formulas was finally evident. Thanks again! I am so glad I took the class, I have confidence that I would not have had otherwise. Thank you, Michael!"

Fé Rodríguez Márquez

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